élan (noun): energy, style, vivacity.

Compelling art starts with élan - focused passion and enthusiasm.

A producer, writer and photographer, Andriana began as a fine art painter. At the heart of the work is a sincere interest in people.

Growing up in several countries and traveling extensively ignited her appreciation for art, history and diverse cultures.  Living in Athens, New York, Paris, Miami, LA, and Vancouver has greatly influenced her worldview and pursuits.

In university in Southern California, she studied fine arts and achieved the Deans List. Afterwards she completed an intensive screenwriting program. Later in advertising, she directed, wrote, and produced national TV campaigns, primarily for the beauty industry.

Profitably connecting with the targeted demographic, one of her commercials was the third highest grossing direct response ad in the United States one year. Two others placed in the top thirty. Spearheading projects from beginning to completion, she smoothly managed dozens of people on set and off.

An evolving fascination with still photography spurred her to shift focus. She was increasingly drawn to images that thoughtfully portrayed the human condition, the beauty in art, life or the human form.

A spark was ignited and she received training from Magnum Photos. She dove full-bore into chronicling stories, artistry in commerce and intriguing individuals. Fostering a positive atmosphere, she found a natural connection with those in front of her lens.

A keen interest in the human condition shaped her path towards storytelling with moving images. Today her main work is developing feature films and TV series for Zero Gravity Management. Working alongside some of the industry's most exceptional and well-known professionals is a constant inspiration.

She champions stories that stimulate compassion, tolerance, courage, activism, personal and social transformation, and deeper contemplation about current-day issues. Entertainment that possesses authenticity, heart, and depth is the overarching goal.

Advancing artistically, technically and philosophically is her never ending quest. Photography is a not her focus, but she enjoys it when time allows and aims to bring a dynamic slant to every project.

Based on the east and west coast of the U.S., she thrives on adventure and welcomes working anywhere.

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