Vantage Point

At work and play, adventure is in my genes. For my daredevil brothers this took the form of high-risk feats. One was a professional snowboarder flying off eighty-foot cliffs, and the other was a paraglider, glacier climber and pilot. When I asked one, “What happens if you kiss death too closely and you die?” He laughed, “I’m not afraid to die. I’ll go doing what I love.” Within a month of those words, a paragliding jump went awry and he plummeted to an early death.

Other than in my mind’s eye, a few treasured images of him are all I have. Missing the mischievous twinkle in his eye, I yearn for a tangible sense of him to hold onto. His passing gave me an epiphany: Our lives are comprised of moments that swiftly evanesce. Seeing the fragility of our existence instilled a passion to capture moments before they slip away. Since his death, I’ve become an avid documenter of life, preserving memories visually so they can’t escape from grasp.

Constantly pursuing creative and philosophical stimuli, I live to discover new frontiers and share these experiences. The look of wonder on a child, the embrace of lovers, and the wisdom etched in wrinkles on a face captivate. Hunting moments, I extract what jumps out at me into single frames.

Photography in both commerce and personal art, distill down to human connection and effectively capturing a sliver of time. For portrait, conceptual, fashion, beauty, or a commissioned project, please contact us: